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Does Your Pet Have a Healthy Appetite?
by Darlene Zagata

Appetite can play a significant role in the state of your pet's health. Is your pet a picky eater or always begging for more? Changes in appetite may be more difficult to distinguish in cats since they tend to be more finicky eaters than dogs. But changes in eating patterns such as not eating a favorite food or refusing to eat may be an indication of illness. If lack of appetite is accompanied by weight loss or other symptoms your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian since it may signify sickness or disease.

It is best not to change the type of food that comprises the pet's regular diet unless suggested by a veterinarian. Pets may act in an indifferent manner to feeding if their diet is changed abruptly. For example, if a pet has always been fed table scraps and then is suddenly switched to a diet of dry commercial food, the animal may be reluctant to eat. Some cats prefer dry food over canned or vice versa. Adding new foods or changing the diet should be done gradually.

Most pet owners want to make sure that their pets are fed adequately and are getting enough to eat but what about pets that are obese? We don't often realize that pets can become overweight from dietary factors or due to metabolism. It is important to feed your pet a healthy diet but it is not necessary to overfeed them.

Pets also need adequate exercise. Dogs should have room to run but if housing doesn't permit space for this then at the very least, the dog should be walked frequently on a regular basis. Cats seem to be mischievous by nature and have a natural inclination to be playful even when left to their own devices but they can also become lazy. Engage your cat or dog in play. It can be good for your health too especially when you find yourself laughing at the antics of your pet.

Our pets need a healthy diet and exercise just as we do so why not incorporate some fun time for you and your pet into your workout time. You could always take the dog along for your morning jog. Of course, keeping up with the dog might turn into more of a sprint than a jog. Regardless of your form of exercise, keep in mind that pets need exercise and good nutrition just as their human companions.

If your pet seems unusually lethargic or you notice changes in eating patterns, consult your veterinarian. Make note of any other changes as well. Careful observance can be the first step in keeping your pet healthy and fit inside and out.


The above article is written by an independent author and may not represent the views of The Refined Feline Cat Bed. Reproduction is not allowed without consent.


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