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Cat a tad too active in her old age?

She's old. She's fast. She's playful. She's my cat Tiger. She is now almost 16 years old. And yet, she's as playful as a kitten. She dashes up and down the stairs, attacks my 6 year old cat, bats about the little toy mice I bought her. Her fur is incredibly soft and silky. Her eyes are bright and inquisitive. Sounds wonderful, right? But is it? She is also thin and eats a lot. I took her to the vet a week or so ago just to find out why she can't chew dry food. I told the doctor how playful and energetic she was for her age. A warning sign, said the doc. A warning sign? Of? Hyperthyroidism. That's why she is so active. Her heart rate was way above normal. That's why she is so hungry. She burns off the food very quickly. It's like she is in high gear all of the time.

The vet said that at her age she should be spending most of the time sleeping, not dashing about the house as if her tail was on fire. Not lying on the stairs waiting for someone to walk past so she can snag their pantleg. So, now she's on medication. She is sleeping more. I think she is calmer. She still plays, but it seems more reasonable for a cat of her advanced years. And she isn't eating near as much. Still picks throughout the day, but seems more content with what she gets, not like she is starving all of the time.

So, yes, active and frisky are good for cats. But make sure it's also age appropriate.





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